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Good News / The End of the Tunnel

So – Sorry about the delay between posts, but I’ve been a little busy for the past two months. (Also, the Steelers are currently 6-2. Good times!) Mostly, I blame the comprehensive exams (which are happening next Saturday), a limited budget, and trying to take on too many projects at once.

But, there are some great things afoot in Lynchitania. For instance, observe what has arrived in the mail today:

My first published-in-paper work!

My copies of Survival Stories, the much-ballyhooed anthology put out by The Sleepless Phoenix, have arrived. My story, “Fury” – with art by the indomitable Ben Bates, who’s recently made his big pro debut handling the pencils for Sonic The Hedgehog #217 and #218 – is in there, and gets a nice little mention in the introduction as well!

Just a quick note, though – even though the book has me as Ryan Lynch everywhere else that matters (index, cover, short biography), in the comic itself, the writer is my old pen name, Brian St. Claire. It’s still me, and I apologize for any confusion. But honestly? It’s a minor, insignificant detail, compared to what Michael Moreci, Nic Wilkinson, and everybody else responsible for bringing this book to print had to go through to make this happen. So what if it’s under my old name? It’s still my name, my work, it’s finally on printed pages, and this brings me no end of delight. I should also add that “Fury” has the distinction of being the single best story in an anthology filled with great stories.

(No, I’m not biased, not at all; how could you accuse me of something like that?)

Also, I have a children’s book making the round with publishers and agents alike, and I’m 55,000 words deep into a Philly-centric Urban Fantasy novel that’s part Buffy The Vampire Slayer, part Starship Troopers. My hope is to get the brunt of it done before NaNoWriMo ends; I’ve got about 17,500 words towards my NaNo Total so far, but studying for the comps has taken priority, and will continue to do so for the next week. Needless to say, after all that studying’s done, I still won’t have much of a life, but I promise the blogging will be done far more frequently.

And before you ask, half of my copies of “Survival Stories” are already earmarked for friends and family. Perhaps I’ll hold on to the leftovers and keep them for a future contest? Who knows. But this is a happy day.

(The Artist Formerly Known As Brian St. Claire)