Past Works

Published Work:

Short Comic: “Fury”, The Sleepless Phoenix : Survival Stories. Published 2010. Script by Ryan Lynch (under Brian St. Claire), Art / Lettering by Ben Bates.

Samples of Work

Comic Script Samples (Warning – Profanity):

International Superhero Intrigue

Daredevil – The Kid’s All Right

Short Stories

Single Short Stories:


Serialized Short Stories:

Lucky Me (Warning – Some profanity)

Lucky Me, Part 1

Lucky Me, Part 2

Lucky Me, Part 3

Lucky Me, Part 4

Lucky Me, Part 5

Lucky Me, Part 6

Lucky Me : Caduceus

Caduceus, Part 1

Caduceus, Part 2

Caduceus, Part 3

Caduceus, Part 4

Caduceus, Part 5

Caduceus, Part 6

Caduceus, Epilogue


Untitled, Part 1

Untitled, Part 2


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