Ten Pounds of Awesome in a Five-Ounce Bag.

I was at both Intervention Con (I helped to staff and do press for it – the latter of which has been immortalized on the internet via Wired.com here) and SPX this weekend. It was so very, very fantastic.

I’ll write more it that when I’m not almost totally wiped out, but right now, today, here’s what I’m psyched about in my state of quasi-delirium – I got six cool urban fantasy books from the library (more Stacia Kane, More Caitlin Kittredge, one by Lilith Saintcrow, and one by Vicki Pettersson, which just looks plain awesome and I can’t wait to dig in), I get sweet e-mails, and then I get a call from my apartment’s front desk manager, who was telling me about how both Tony Romo and the Detroit Lions quarterback got robbed of touchdowns last night . And then a package comes.

A package that, amidst the excitement and fatigue of the weekend, I totally forgot was coming. A package of THIS.

The Penguin Mug approves.

That expression on my weary face is one of sheer delight. Why? Allow me to explain.

Kazuo Koike did a series of manga with the irrepressible Goseki Kojima – also one of my favorite manga artists – that you might’ve heard of, if you like tales of bloody samurai revenge and parenting. Ryoichi Ikegami was the artistic co-conspirator with Sho Fumimura in creating one of my favorite manga ever, SANCTUARY. And while Mr. Kojima is one of my favorite artists, Mr. Ikegami is the favorite manga artist.

So when my friend over at the local comic book shop heard me ranting about them, he cooly pulled the first volume off of the shelf, handed it to me, and said with a smile, “I think you might like this, then.”

My reaction? A mixture of shock, awe, purest joy and eternal gratitude. That’s the nice, artistic way of putting it… In reality, I was more like the Double Rainbow Guy. Except no drugs. So, to have all seven volumes in my hands, for the mere eBay price of $30 including shipping and handling – well, words, you fail me right now.


P.S. Steelers, 1-0. Booyah. Here’s to more Dennis Dixon.


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