Consistency is the hobgoblin of… nah.

I don’t really have much blog content to put up; I really should update this, and keep it as a regular production journal, but there’s nothing really to write (or write home) about. I spend most of my time researching, writing, living life, and Twittering, so blogging keeps falling off the radar.

I know. Shameful, positively shameful. The early entries were so promising, but compared to others with actual published works under their belt, I have relatively little wisdom to impart in terms of writing. A lot of it’s just been things I’ve cobbled together here and there, little mental tricks, and studying at the feet of the masters.

Today? I spent a good forty minutes skimming through some trades from my comic collection, and compiling a small list of approaches to laying out five panels to a page. I like to think I have good instincts for visuals and layout, page-wise, but I find myself sticking very closely to < 6 panels with little deviance; in this way, learning from solid published work is the best approach to improving one’s skills at the little things.

There’s nothing terribly glamorous about blogging and saying, “today I studied five-panel layouts as featured in Sandman, Manhunter, Gotham Central, and Preacher”, “I spent half an hour looking for reference pictures of female MMA fighters, prominent Asian transgenders, and traffic in Beirut”, or “I almost completely scrapped a complete three-issue comic book arc, because I took a deeper look and realized it wasn’t as good as it could be. I have cannibalized it for what can be saved, and in the vein of the 6 Million Dollar Man, I will rebuild it. I have the capabilities. I can make it better. Stronger. Faster.”

I could be projecting all of this on you, lovely anonymous audience. It’s conceivable that you could thrive on this sort of thing, and love being privy to the man behind the curtain. But understand that – for the most part – it’s deadly boring.

You have been warned.


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