Dream Pencillers and the Quixotic Impossibility Scale!

Oh, grad school, I could get so much more done if I didn’t have to contend with you…

In any case, I’ve been working my nonexistent butt off for the past couple of weeks, and it doesn’t seem like that’ll change for the next few. I’ll try to post a couple things in the interim to liven this place up – such as the practice pages I was talking about, a sample from the Layer Zero comic I wrote, and a page or two of Project : Write Kind of Madness.

But, until then, I’ll settle on listing the three dream pencillers I’d love to draw it, appropriately accompanied with Saveedra’s Quixotic Impossiblity Scale:

1) David Aja (Daredevil, Immortal Iron Fist) : Four Windmills out of Four Windmills.
The impossible dream. A completely idiosyncratic style, and a personality that goes with it. Incredibly unlikely because he’s only done work for Marvel.

2) Gabriel Ba (Casanova, Umbrella Academy, Pixu) : Three and a Half out of Four Windmills.
Slightly more likely, if only because he has a working relationship with Dark Horse, which is one of the publishers I’m targeting. Otherwise, fairly impossible.

3) Joelle Jones (You Have Killed Me, 12 Reasons Why I Love Her, Dr. Horrible one-shot) : Two out of Four Windmills.
A remote possibility, but one I think would work out incredibly well.

Time to get back to work. This research proposal isn’t going to write itself.



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