It certainly has been a while.

Almost three months, I see! What’s happened since?

-Put the book on hold (150 or so pages in, need to focus on school)
-Got right back in to writing Self Made Villains (am now 4 issues in, out of a planned 12 – writing comics is relaxing and fun, a great way to de-stress from school)
-Received the final version of “Fury” – I’ve now felt a small inkling of the joy I’ll feel when something bigger gets published!
-Attended Small Press Expo – Fun times, new friends, carousing, Oreos, and a thirty-minute escapade involving the worst map ever devised and a nonexistent karaoke bar (oh, and meeting incredibly cool webcomic people)
-Saw / had things signed by Marjane Satrapi
-Read more comics and books

Other things happened, of course, but you’re not interested in them. I have nothing new to offer you at this junction, but I promise that more writing will come.

I will also start attending more conventions, and possibly exhibiting (once I have the money to cover the costs, as well as some products to sell). Granted, there’s a lot of money involved, but I think it’s all worth it in the end.



One response to “It certainly has been a while.

  1. Hey there! I saw you at the debate at Villanova last night and took some photos of everyone, featured on my (newish) blog. Good luck with your work!

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