Whooaaaa, we’re half-wayy theeerreeeee….

I’m about halfway through writing the novel’s first draft, which finally has a tentative – yet abysmal – working title :

“We Come In Peace, And My, You Look Tasty”.

I really should get back to writing it, but my brain hasn’t been completely functional these past couple of days. I blame bad indigestion, not getting to sleep until 2 am, getting up at 6, and not enough caffeine to compensate.

In additional positive news, my first published comics work, “Full Disclosure”, which will be in Insomnia Publications “Layer Zero” anthology next year, finally has an artist – the fantastic, talented, and all-around jaw-droppingly-good Ben Bates.

Granted, I know that first draft’s going to be a long way from being complete, but I’m proud of hitting a milestone. Last year, writing a novel was a pie-in-the-sky hope; now, it’s looking more real by the day. Here’s hoping I’ll see it on shelves by next year, while I’m on to the next one. Or two. Or three.

Oh – when the first draft’s done, i’ve got a couple of short story ideas lined up to crank out, so you’ll have a little literary snack or two to tide you over until the book is done. Until then, keep the faith and read some guys I’ve been checking out lately – the great George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series, John Varley’s Rolling Thunder, Haruki Murakami’s South of the Border, West of the Sun, and Paul Dini’s Batman : Streets of Gotham.



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