Double Whammy!

Got two big things for you today – a last, and a first.

The last – Lucky Me : Caduceus. The Epilogue. I’m a big fan of nice, open, positive endings, and I think this one does quite nicely.

The first – What Went Wrong… which I have to admit, I liked doing so much, I’m going to do it again. 

Let’s be frank (On second thought, let’s not, Frank’s kind of a dick) – I love recommending things, and a fifth of my comic collection is currently on loan to friends of mine. I get a true sense of joy when I’m able to share the experience of something I love with others.

As such, Three Things will keep going, on the monthly schedule I have. But, on a slightly more frequent schedule, I’ll be doing What Went Wrong, and most likely with individual issues of comics. 

Without further ado, I give you… Episode 2.5.

I’m obviously not the only one doing something like this, but I feel I’ll be one of the better voices out there. Depends on how interested people are in spot-on commentary and crude, albeit witty, drawings, like my third point – exemplified by a robot humping a magical sword.



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