Pen Name…

So, after ignoring it for quite some time, I’ve realized that it may be wise to go for a pen name.

Suggestions have included:

Dog’s name, same last name.
Middle name, same last name.
Something resembling a 1920’s serial adventurer’s name.
Something evocative, resembling an unintelligible (or unpronounceable) symbol.
and, naturally, Max Power.

Any input is welcome.

-Brian (for now, at least)


7 responses to “Pen Name…

  1. As much as Indy Lynch would be great to hear, I somehow feel your sister would not appreciate you abusing Indy in that fashion. You could always go the porn route of first pet’s name and street name (mine is Mack Holiday), but for you, I’m somehow feel that Archie should be included.

    I’ve got it…Archie Andrews!

  2. And if nothing else, you can at least appreciate the allusion of that name being that he is a classic comic book character.

    • It’d be a bit hard to do with a straight face, I’d imagine.

      I personally was thinking something along the lines of the early comic book guys who had snappy names like Bob Kane, Jack Kirby, Stan Lee, etc.. but hell, a good idea’s a good idea.

  3. well then how about John Holland

  4. Alas, I use the name Indy Broadway for my surreptitious communications… so it is taken. Sorry Brian and Dan. My vote: Andrew Lynch. Or you could borrow part of my name too. Andrew St. Clair. Andrew Clair. Andy Badass. Bada Kickass. Maybe? Or perhaps the elusive Brian Grey, with some homage to the Earl? Knight Grey. Grey Knight.

  5. I spent a long time until I came up with my own pen name. I basically combed every book, comic, board-game, and food dish looking for something exotic and unusual but believable.

    Then I thought about using a book title and making it a name.

    Thus The Catcher in the Rye became Ryan Catcher.

    Here’s some I came up with for you:
    How about Lynch Howard? Lynch Brian?

    You’re from / or atleast live in
    Bryn Mawr (acording to dw)…

    How about Bryan Mawr Lynch? Or Bryan Mawrh?

    Very unusual.

    But it works because you are a Brian and you wouldn’t have to think every time anyone called you by your pen name.

  6. Hey Ryan, wondering when you were going to show up. 😛

    You’ve got a point there. It would be a pain in the ass to have a pen name, and not instantly whip around when people yell, “Little Lord Fauntelroy!”… or “Lynch Howard!”.

    Staying with the first name, at least, means I wouldn’t have to pretend TOO much. I was thinking about Andrew Claire, but Brian Claire sounds good, too.

    Thanks a bunch, man. Also, I kinda figured the Ryan Catcher thing out from the first time your name popped up – very clever, though!

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