Dollhouse vs. Lucky Me.

If there’s one thing I love, it’s seeing two different approaches to the same idea.

As it turns out, Lucky Me and Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse (I write this as I’m watching Episode Two) have some similarities. They both follow a main character who’s female, has had her mind erased, and imprinted with a certain level of knowledge and expertise. Joss Whedon took the concept far further than I did, and I’d say in a much more expert fashion – creating different elements to play off of the characters, inside vs. outside conflicts, et cetera.

But where do they differ? I chose the military, and allowing the character to start to live a life of her own after a wipe. Joss re-wipes them, show after show after show (and what would the show be if they didn’t?), but hints that memories may seep through.

Also, naming schemes. Each one of the US-8 is based loosely off of a number. And yes, in the case of Tre and Seven, I allowed them to keep their numerical identities. In one sense, it would’ve made more sense to give them false identities, but really, I’m more about streamlining things, and not getting everything too tangled. In Dollhouse, the Actives are all given theirs from the military alphabet, which I thought was fantastic. And the fact that both of us refer to the “tabula rasa” concept – very cool – but we use them in different ways.

What does this really say in the larger scheme of things? Not much. It’s kind of a coincidence – but then again, it also shows that I’m thinking along the same lines as people who write for a living.

Just…differently, that’s all.



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