Sorry ’bout the lateness on the latest “Lucky Me” story. The fault is uncharacteristically mine. But rest assured, they’ll be on time for the rest of the run.

I also think that this arc should be the end of it for Seven. I’ve got an idea for the next set of stories, and I think you’ll like it tremendously.

Also, some food for thought. A recent series of Tweets by C.B. Cebulski, a Marvel writer I’ve got a great deal of respect for, reads as follows :

No, seriously, I heard “I deserve…” and “I’m just as good as…” maybe 5 or 6 times at NYCC from writers & artists looking for work. Every year, same “writer” tells me how he’s better than [Brian] Bendis, and same “artist” can’t understand how [Chris] Bachalo gets work over him. This has been going on for four years now, con after con, and neither has broken into the top five publishers in that time. I wonder why?

I’m not even in the industry (yet) and I can tell you what’s blatantly wrong with that kind of perception. They’re putting themselves before their work, and letting their attitude speak for what their work can’t, or won’t, do.

I could say “I’m better than Bendis”, but that’s not saying anything at all. The way I write is different from his, and I focus on different elements. He’s much better than I could be at the sprawling super-drama, and I think, when I’m his age, I’ll be more skilled at creating character relationships, but it’s all in where we focus. I may dislike his tendancy towards bombast, and he might think I’m far too minimalist.

Point is, C.B’s right. They say the same thing, year after year, and they’ve done nothing to change their situation. And what has it done for them, except give them a sense of self-righteous anger and entitlement?



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