Vacations of the Mind

Being at home for the past week has been incredibly relaxing. I think this has, generally, more to do with the fact that I’ve enjoying all the time I’ve had here.

Most people, I think, look at taking a vacation as an involved process. Increasingly more are taking the view of the stay-cation. I’m looking at mine as more of a be-cation.

For the past week, I’ve done little except for write, spend time with friends, enjoy my family’s company, and really revel in what life has to offer.

Have I gone anywhere? No. I’ve barely left the house, but for a handful of times.

But along with all of that, I’ve really found contentment. I was originally going to be on a meditation retreat this week, diving into the inner realms of self.

Writing does the same thing for me. Some other things came up, and while I regret not being able to go on the retreat, I’m glad I was able to find the time to do so much writing.

Above all else, I encourage you to write, or keep writing. Telling stories is something beautiful, and it’s an amazing thing to be involved with. I’ve made some major progress with my stories, and I can’t wait to spend time working with all these ideas I have.

It’s a lot like being an artist, and having a giant studio, filled with canvases ready to be painted. I can look down the length of it, and see nothing but the glimmers of possibility.



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