Forgotten Stories.

It’s been some time since I’ve written for you all, and I think, on this day that leans towards the dismal rather than the cheery, I think the appropriate move is this – to remember that, no matter where you are, the sun is still shining.

Simple, silly advice, but for me, it helps keep things in perspective.

Life, once again, has caught up with me, and for the next few weeks, I’ll be busy, busy, and busier still.

(Ahh, finals. I did not miss them in the slightest.)

In as much as my professional output is concerned, I recently entered another short story I wrote into yet another short story contest. Once again, the result is quite good, and should you be interested in reading it, all you need do is e-mail me.

(Incidentally, if my previous contest entry owed a debt of creativity to George Romero, this one owes a similar debt to Glenn Danzig.)

I hope everything is going well – or at all – in your respective corner of the world, and if you have anything you think I’d like to read, please, by all means, comment and share.

The latest installments of Lucky Me are, as always, available at; I hope you enjoy reading them.



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