Lucky you.

Part 3 of the ongoing Lucky Me serial is out; so go read it, and let me know what you think.

I sincerely hope you are enjoying it (I know Jayne is; at this point, I’m writing for my personal amusement, Jayne, and the two or three other anonymous people trolling my blog). If not, say so!

Also picked up Standing Still by Kelly Simmons. You may recall that name being mentioned before, as one of the “cool older ladies” who befriended me at the writing workshop I went to: I bring it up again because, five chapters in, it’s astounding. The first chapter – incidentally, the very first sentence – is fantastic.

“In all things, I blame the husband.”

Read that, and tell me you aren’t doubling over in laughter.

I highly recommend it. Lucky you, there are used copies on Amazon, and it’s not a comic book, so you don’t have to endure glares from others to engage yourself with what I enjoy.

But please, if you’re put off by price, wait until early next year, for the paperback edition. Don’t buy the used copies off Amazon… unless you want to assemble a bunch for a book club.



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