Lucky Number Seven

Lucky Me, Part 2 is out. And trust me when I say it’s not going where you think it is.

Also, I still owe you all Untitled, Part II. I’ll get that up tomorrow. I know I said Wednesday, I promised Wednesday, but life happened. Sad but true.

In other news that happens to be writing-related, I received some sage advice on my comic ideas from the resident experts at the local comic shop.

The consensus?

Secret evil genius project first, it’s more sale-able. Then, after than, this other, expansive idea I’ve been kicking around after it lay dormant for, oh, three years.

As one of them said, “You want that other thing out first, to get your foot in the door. You don’t want your first big pitch to be, ‘hey, you’ve never heard of me, but I want you to publish my epic.'”

Another fun thing – one of my co-workers was joking about stealing my ideas, from my appropriately-adorned “idea book”. (I’ll put a picture of it up with the next entry.) I showed mine to him, asked him to pick a note, and I’d tell him if he was stealing anything or not.

He picked one. His idea was definitely interesting, but not my idea. My secret? Terse sentences (and associations, like I’ve mentioned before).

Eventually, my notebooks will all be written in code.



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