A moment of silence.

Michael Crichton, author extraordinaire, has passed quietly and is mourned loudly – as all authors deserve.

He was not an author I would consider one of my favorites, but he was a solid writer and a literary titan nonetheless, and put together an impressive collection of work.

What astounds me, though, is the fact that he wrote and published novels while he was in medical school. And here I am, caterwauling about how little time I have to write while studying Communications…

Out of deference for the recently departed, I should get my affairs in order and do some more writing.



One response to “A moment of silence.

  1. Yes!
    Write more!
    Write more now!
    Waiting for next installment on Seven.
    Waiting impatiently *tapping foot, looking at watch, sighing and wishing for a cigarette and wondering about Seven and Polly*

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