More Original Fiction Coming!

I swear, under penalty of great physical agony, that I’ll have more fictitious works in the months to come, and that it won’t just be that one short story I wrote. But, for now, there really isn’t much to give you.

Things, however, are fairly busy in the real world, with grad school kicking up several notches in importance, and certain things commanding my attention – namely, THIS.

I love it for being comprehensive, deep, and true to the character. Rather than just being a simple story of Superman living in Russia, it weaves him into the culture of the USSR, and becomes so much more of a tale than the usual “What If?” fare. It’s something that could be pulled out decades from now, while still retaining its initial impact.

I read something like that, Sandman, or DEMO, and there’s an indelible magic there. Something that speaks to both the adult and the inner child simultaneously, saying “Come play. We can do wonderful things.”

I take more steps towards being an adult every day (I pay bills on time, I don’t drink, and I recently bought a cardigan), but I feel that we are happiest when we pursue these fantastical things, and that finding something magical in your life should be of paramount importance.



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