What song represents writing?

Saw this topic being discussed on a couple of bigger writer-blogs.

What song represents writing, to you?

This, in all truthfulness, is an incredibly difficult question.

Not just because of the subject matter, or because of the implications of a song that actually describes a writing process (who’d listen to a song like that, anyway), but mostly because I scoured my entire music collection for a suitable song and I couldn’t find a damned thing. Not even Zeppelin could come through for me.

Lucky, lucky me, however, the answer came to me last night, when my sister and I went to see Nikka Costa at the World Cafe Live.

That perfect song is “You Can’t Please Everybody“.

This is by no means me advocating a giant, unscrupulous middle finger to all of your critics, naysayers, and folks who live on a steady diet of Hater-ade, but it’s wisdom to listen to, plain and simple.

If you get ten people to like your work at a time, that’s fantastic. Don’t focus on the one stubborn guy who just won’t go for it, no matter what; chalk those ten people up as a victory.

(Save your giant, unscrupulous middle finger for the stubborn son-of-a-gun, and then keep on going.)

BUT, if you can glean some perspective on important points of your work from a critic, then by all means, do so. Just remember to keep a clear head about these things.



2 responses to “What song represents writing?

  1. “All you want to do is something good
    So get ready to be ridiculed and misunderstood
    ‘Cause don’t you know that you’re a f***ing freak in this world
    In which everybody’s willing to choose swine over pearls”

    Aimee Mann – “It’s Not Safe”

    This is cynical, but also true. This song is more about philosophical altruism and/or philanthropy than art but it applies there too, I think. People are anxious to tear up others’ attempts at creativity.

    Your song is better suited to help one get over the ugly critique–and it is something writers MUST do. Get over it. Get over rejection, keep writing, keep submitting.

    Nice post. Made me think. 🙂


  2. Thanks a bunch, Jim.

    I’m listening to that song right now – it’s a fantastic choice, and totally on the mark.

    I think art’s much the same thing – you’re packaging up an idea or vision with the best of intentions, and it pains you when somebody’s ready to tear it down for not matching what they think it should be.

    I’m glad you thought it was a good post, and I hope to see you back here in the future!


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