Broken Worlds.

I wrote this on October 6th, after watching some of the news reports that all but proclaimed the sky was falling.


The world broke today.

Little pieces
The ground.

I look up, and step over world-shards.

Antarctica crackles under my foot.

Is it whole above, or beneath my feet in pieces?


In other news, I met some very remarkable people this weekend at the seminar, chief among them Kelly Simmons, Kathye Fesko Petrie, Nancy Viau, and Judy Schachner. They’re not only delightful women, but also talented authors as well, who offered some solid advice to yours truly.

(they also thought I was well-mannered and adorable.)

Additionally, I met an agent who expressed interest in my freelance evil geniuses idea, and wants me to do a treatment of it.

I hadn’t thought the entire plot through yet, much less decided the importance of it relative to my other efforts, but thinking about it more (as well as bringing it up in conversation) makes me realize that it would be an excellent project to plunge headlong into.

So, I’m going to put the novel to rest, once it’s “done” (I say that loosely, because a written work’s never really done; it’s just at a point where you feel more comfortable letting go of it), and putting my creative efforts towards this.

Should be fun.


P.S. No, I can’t draw that well. Unfortunately, tracing and stick figures won’t really do this idea justice, so I need to find a real artist.


2 responses to “Broken Worlds.

  1. Nice to meet ya, Brian, and I wish you THE best of luck (along with persistence, patience, yadayadayada)in all your writing endeavors.

  2. Thanks. 😀

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