This story was based off of the first nightmare I’ve had in a long time.


by Brian A. Lynch


The old woman stares, her gaze coming not towards me – but through me – and recalling an unearthly origin in my eyes.

I shudder.

Her mouth opens wide, and in an instant, it is not a mouth.

It is something, an abyss of swirling teeth and deadly intent, and I fear it is only purposeful to one end.

The end.

That end, in particular, is not one I would like to meet; and so, I run through the night.

My heart beats quicker with every hastened step. The hag gives chase, but seems to float above the ground, her feet hardly used.

Her dress, once harmless and oversized, takes on a sinister aesthetic as it flaps and billows in the wind.

The voice calls, twisting in the air.


I choose to save breaths. A scream is a fool’s move.

I run, still. My heart drums impatiently.

I look back. She – it – gains.

It does not shriek as it beckons me; it only growls.

The sound carries and swings through the air, bringing fear with it and bouncing off the trees. It is alone and legion, all at once.

Through the grass and over the road, I run, but my chest frightens and tears stream down my face. I do not need to look behind to see those swirling teeth, for they are in my mind’s eye, pushing me forward out of fear.

I know I cannot run forever. But I am either a dead man now, or five minutes hence.

I have always appreciated the value of time.


All commentary, ‘colades, crass or constructive criticism, and creative correspondence is considered and commendable.



2 responses to “Teeth.

  1. You rock man! This was probably the freakiest/most badass nightmare I’ve ever heard of.

  2. A charming ‘lil nightmare, no doubt about the transience of life? Fear of wasted time? And what a lovely combination of the figure of Death and a Crone-woman driven by appetites. It’s well drawn, so to speak, but I feel like it’s part of something bigger. I guess I want to know what he needs time to do- add a little more personalized desperation to it. But otherwise, excellent rhythm, and personally i love the use of traditionally old and symbolic imagery- the growl, the teeth, the abyss. I know it’s just the illustration of a nightmare, but I think there’s more there you can use.

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