On Bigger Problems

I have a problem.

That problem is, unfortunately, balancing projects and ideas.

I have, at the moment, the following projects under way:

  • A novel of semiautobiographical nature [currently on hiatus]
  • A short story entry for the Writer’s Digest’s contest, and therefore, profit [currently in progress]
  • A song about self-absorbed guitar guys at open mic nights [not in progress]
  • A short story for fun [not profit, on hiatus]
  • Two comic book series ideas [for relief during novel]
  • Readings and Writings for Graduate School [currently in progress, less enjoyable than writing for pleasure, but far more enjoyable than root canal]

Unfortunately, I need to give highest priority to that last stuff. I will be happy beyond words when my Strat Comm class is over; the readings are dense, and self-involved to an unhealthy point.

Speaking of that, I think academics truly need to get a grip on themselves; if I couldn’t make references to earlier papers I’d written in the course of writing a new paper, why should they be exempt from that rule?

I’d rather spend my time exploring my ideas, but as long as I stay on top of my work, I’ll be able to make time. I believe I can see a future for myself as a consultant while pursuing the dream; many things seem insurmountable, but as long as I keep perspective, it’s hardly that intimidating.

(Except for that whole organizing thing. I think it’s very frightening, and if I still had a stuffed animal, I would crawl under my sheets at night clutching it tightly, knowing that it served as both comfort and instant effigy if the need for escape presented itself.)



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