Love that new blog smell.

Well, to be perfectly honest, you don’t know me in any sense of knowing me; but with a little bit of luck and a lot of hard work, you might one day be at a book signing of mine.

My name’s Brian, and I intend to write. Professionally.

(Yes, I have had my head checked, and unfortunately, it’s quite sound.)

This will, eventually, be folded into a larger home base of operations for me on the Web: a vast, cybernetic empire dwarfing the reaches of Rome, Constantinople, and the Hard Rock Cafe, offering access to old works, new works, exclusive drafts, witty thoughts on the day, and the mother of all inventions, merchandising.

But, for now, it stands as an unwritten page. More unwritten than I would like, but I am, like many others, a man of several hats.

The one I’m wearing right now is my writer cap (which looks oddly like one of these), but the one I wear most is my student’s cap.

(despite what you think about graduate school, everybody goes to class wearing a mortarboard. Honest.)

In the future, I will be doing my best to keep progress updated on the beginnings of my writing career, including:

– the status of works I’ve submitted to contests or magazines, and possibly a rejection / acceptance tally.

– original fiction created by yours truly, non-fiction, poetry, or songs at least once a week

– and, of course, tales and stories of the process itself, from brainstorming, writing groups, and query letters to meetings, negotiations, and, fate willing, book tours.

You’re getting in on the ground floor, Internet. More specifically, the basement.

…No, not the one with the fusebox, the furnace, or the creepy corners that hide horrors unknown. I’m talking about the basement with hidden treasures, like your old action figures or the teddy bear you lost when you were eight. (It’s okay, nobody has to know about that.

Assuming you don’t catch something nasty, I think you’ll like it here.



2 responses to “Love that new blog smell.

  1. beautyindonesia

    I couldn’t smell it. I get some flu today. Sorry mate.. hehe… (just joking)

  2. Haha, it’s okay. After a few days, New Blog Smell loses that fresh odor of mountain daisies and brownies and takes on an odor much like old fish.

    So, in a way, you’re unlucky, but if you come back in about a week and you still can’t smell, you’re better off than everybody else!

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